Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bottoms, Bottoms, Bottoms!

This post is all about bottoms ;)

Forgive me for being brief, but the littlest one demands a lot of time so I have to "get in and get out" when I can on the blog!  I have recently found some time to sew (mainly after dark and on the rare occassion that both girls nap at the same time) and decided to whip LA up some bottoms.

The first two are staples in our wardrobe.  I've made both before and love the patterns!

Isabella skort by 5berries

Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts

I also tried a new pattern:  Oliver + S Classic Picnic Shorts.  I love how they look, but not thrilled with the look on LA. She is so thin and the legs on these are quite wide. Live and learn!
I hope to grab some more time on the machines this week as I make my way through Kids Clothing Week!!

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The Cottage Mama said...

I've got that last pair of shorts on my sewing list for Miss M. I only have the pattern that goes up to size 4 so I figure I better sew them before she outgrows the pattern.......LOL! Hopefully they will work ok on her....I just love the look (and yours turned out adorable).

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