Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seaside Sailor for Sister

You may recall that I had the opportunity to test the Seaside Sailor dress by Tie Dye Diva for LA earlier this summer.  It is still one of my favorite dresses and she gets compliments on it whenever she wears it. 

Jen, aka the Tie Dye Diva, asked me to test the baby version and I was thrilled!  After all, I loved the "big girl" version and am a sucker for coordinating outfits for my girls!  Her newest pattern did NOT disappoint!  I love this version as much (if not more) than the first!

Oh my!  This little version has a few changes from the original--all for the best when sewing for baby!  As you may notice, the dress has buttons (or in my case--snaps) all the way down the front.  Since it opens up all the way, there is not trying to negotiate a wiggly baby's head through the collar!!

Because the dress does not have a continuous skirt, the inside seam between the skirt and bodice is completely enclosed.  In fact, this dress has NO EXPOSED SEAMS!  Love that!!!  By the way, Adelyn learned how to sit by herself about two days before these photos.  What a big girl (sob, sob)!

Finally, Jen wisely opted to design a sweet little knot bow instead of the ties.  We all know those ties would have ended up in a soggy mess. 

I used another fabric in the same colorway from the Out to Sea Line.  Because the white was a bit thin, I chose to line the skirt. 

Underneath, you might notice a pair of pink bloomers peeking out.  I used the Ruffled Diaper Cover by Tie Dye Diva (yep, the same one I used to make those cute red ones recently).  Since I didn't want the bloomers to compete with the collar, I chose not to add the ruffles this time. 

The final version of this pattern will have a little longer skirt, but honestly, I love baby legs so I don't mind the shorter length (look at those little rolls!!  LA never had baby rolls so I am loving them on Adelyn). 

If you have girls, you NEED these two patterns!  Seriously...two of my favorites!! 

(This review is my honest opinion of this pattern.  As I say, I call 'em like I see 'em and I really do love this pattern--be prepared to see it again next summer!!)

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